Global Economic Research Service – for Stock Brokerage Firms & Institutions

Providing Independent Global and Philippine Economic Research Services

The MyRA or “My Research Assistant” Economic Research Service is a subscription service that provides independent analysis and forecasts on the Philippine and World Economy. Local and global companies and financial institutions can outsource their Philippine and global economic research needs from Corpecon Research.

MyRA Global and Philippine Economic Research Coverage

Main Coverage: Philippine Economy or the Economy of the Country Preferred by the Subscriber

Supplementary Coverage: World Economy divided into The West (US, UK, France, Germany, others) and The East (China, Japan, India, others)

Deliverables: Weekly Reports with Special Feature, Economic Forecasts Table, Schedule of Upcoming Data, Industry Developments and Presentations included. Reports can be customized into subscribers’ company template or presented in Corpecon Research’s own template.

Specialties: Economic Analysis for the Philippines and other countries, Philippine Industry News, Economic Forecasts. Presentation of Relevant Topics such as the Philippine government Public Private Partnerships (PPPs), Euro-zone concerns, US debt , China growth and others

The Benefits and Advantages of Subscribing to MyRA

1. Cost-efficiency. MyRA is more cost-efficient than hiring an in-house economist, economic research team or setting up a Philippine office to cover the Philippine economy.

2. Big Coverage. Includes the World Economy and Timely Topics are discussed and analyzed.

3. Continuity of Research Service is Ensured. MyRA subscribers do not have the problem of disrupted research operations caused by manpower movement. MyRA is locked for one year in its term of service to its subscriber. This is renewable every year with consent from MyRA and its subscriber.

4. Country-specific Peculiarities are Avoided as Reports are Written Locally. MyRA enlightens its subscribers to the nature of peculiarities specific in the Philippines and how these are made into advantages by the Philippine Economy.

5. Increases Client Base. By obtaining economics research, MyRA’s subscribers are able to widen their client base to include institutional and high-networth local and foreign investors.

6. Increases Emerging Markets Coverage Through the Addition of the Philippine Economy. Global MyRA subscribers gives them exposure to the opportunities and performance of Philippine Economy.

7. Improves Research of Local Subscribers. Local MyRA subscribers will be able to improve their research capabilities with the inclusion of Philippine Economic Research. This is a must-have to obtain institutional clients.

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