Bottomline – The Philippine Stocks Research Service for You, the Individual Investor

I.  Bottomline Daily Advisory Main Outline

Mission Statement – To Seek Value and to Minimize Risks in the Philippine Stock Market

System-Generated Market Report

  1. PSEi Distance to Its Value
  2. Current Stocks to Cash Ratio to Attain
  3. PSEi Immediate Supports and Resistance Levels Based on PSEi Lowest to Highest Valuations
  4. Market Buying Window Status
  5. Short Term Philippine Economic Outlook
  6. US S&P 500 Distance to Its Value
  7. Current Fund Strategy and Recommendation

Market Situationer

  1. Our Market Analysis, Summary and Strategy

Forward-Looking Market Timeline of Events

  1. Factors Affecting the Market on a Monthly Basis at Least Six Months from Now

Recommended Stock Portfolios and Their Targets

  1. High-Dividend (Value Stocks Paying the Highest Cash Dividend Yields)
  2. Deep Bargain (Value Stocks Below Its Lowest Asset Valuation)
  3. High-Return (Value Stocks with Residual Value)
  4. Recovery (Turnaround Value Stocks)

Stock Pick Profiles

  1. Notes to the Stocks Comprising the Recommended Portfolios

Performance of Aggregate Stock Portfolio Against the PSEi and ASI

  1. Our Badge of Honor; Performance of the stocks we recommended over time.

Record-Keeping with The Recordkeeper

  1. The Free Recordkeeper in Excel helps you to keep track of your stock investments’ returns and cash dividend yield.

Other Advisories

  1. Upcoming Cash Dividends, IPOs, Tender Offers, COVID-19 Stock Picks and Stocks to Avoid, Other Pertinent Advisories

II.  Background

The Bottomline is an Investment Kit for Individual Investors in the Philippine Stock Market.  This was actually requested from us by Various Investors seeking Guidance and Direction in the market. 

These Investors were Seeking a Service Different from the mainstream reports and information that are already out there and other services that have high degrees of risk and low guidance. 

In short, the Bottomline is what You are Looking For.  By that, we mean the 99% of Filipinos not yet investing in the Philippine Stock Market.  By that, we mean anyone who wants to gain in the Philippine Stock Market. 

There is no exclusivity in or huge barriers of entry to the Bottomline, from the very low fee to the Guidance and Direction we provide.  100% of what our research indicates are all for your own use.

We are Stocks Research Analysts with almost 30 Years Worth of Experience in Credit, Stocks, Financial Data Management, Investment and International Banking.  We are not marketing people, traders or celebrities. 

We are numbers people and writers utilizing 60-plus economic and financial models and GOFAI-assisted reports.  These generate analysis, projections, valuations of stocks and market indices. 

We are powered by Value-Investing, a proven investment methodology pioneered by Benjamin Graham in the 30s.  This, and its tools, generate our stock and index valuations and market analysis and direction.

We have been practicing this for more than ten years now and have served stock brokerage houses.  And through them, we have constantly presented our research to government and private financial institutions.

Now, All of These are Available for You to Preserve and Grow Your Hard-Earned Funds.  Be Empowered by our Service. 

We are Your Very Own Stocks Research Team in Our Mission to Seek Value and to Minimize Risks in the Philippine Stock Market.

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