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May 19, 2021

The Individual Investor’s Guide to the Philippine Stock Market is One-Year Old

It has been a year since we offered Bottomline to the investing public.  This was brought up and requested by individual investors since 2013.  They wanted a service that would tell them if it was time to buy or sell and what stocks they would buy, hold and sell.  It was simple as that. 

They just want the bottom line on how to make money in the Philippine stock market.  There are already numerous free reports and videos from stockbrokers, market celebrities, and YouTube “gurus”, but when asked why they still want a guide, they gave interesting replies. 

Here are the top ones.  The usual reports and videos contain a lot of info, but it does not take care of them on a daily basis.  Reports are usually company reports and not portfolios of stocks.  Reports also have fickle recommendations making investors buy and sell frequently. 

The result is confusion and unsatisfactory yield if there is ever one.  Just after we abandoned the idea of providing a research service for individual investors through an app, we were contacted by individuals requesting specific content in a guide they would subscribe to. 

We found that it was best provided as a concise pdf report complete with not only when to buy or sell but with stock portfolios, tracked returns and performance, earnings results, assessment of IPOs, and even a Record-Keeper in Excel for one’s own performance. 

Since its release, we have nifty tools based on Value-Investing such as our support and resistance levels, stocks-to-cash ratios, and conviction market calls which we made only two times in the past year.  With the pandemic, we also ranked stocks less to mostly-affected by the COVID-19 virus. 

However, we only generated a few subscribers.  This is in spite of the subscription fee that is equivalent to a Jollibee mini sundae twirl per day.  The service was a success in helping subscribers make money and avoid risks, but it came out unviable as an income source for us. 

In addition, there were subscribers that left because they preferred stock recommendations that frequently change.  They were chasing gains and were traders.  Bottomline was originally requested as an investing guide.  This was a big difference. 

In its one-year run, we made a 15% gain in our conviction market call and 19.95% in our aggregate stock portfolio’s performance.  These outperformed both the PSEi and All Shares Index (ASI).  Our recommendations were proven worthwhile. 

Bottomline May 18 2021

We have not finalized our decision to discontinue Bottomline, but of course it will continue as our own investing method in the Philippine stock market.  However, we are proud to have serviced our subscribers, avoiding risks, making gains and positioning for opportunities. 


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