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We first had the inquiry if we provide Stocks Research Services for Individual Investors back in 2013. Since then, we have been focusing on providing the service to Philippine stock brokerage firms with, with limited or without research capabilities. However, the inquiries have been piling up first from friends and then from other people; so we decided to heed this call.

We took a fine stretch of time creating this service for the individual investor which we see as any individual of race, color, social class, religion or nationality. We view this as our effort in bringing in the 99% to the Philippine stock market. In our eleven years, we have utilized the Value-Investing methodology, and it has served us and our clients well. Why don’t we share it to others?

So the Bottomline was developed. Originally, the idea was for it to be an app. But then it evolved into an Investment Kit. The report component of the Bottomline provides the goal, viewpoint to the stock market, guidance, recommended stock portfolios and timely advisories and alerts. There is even our signature line graphs pitting the recommended stock portfolio against the PSEi and even the ASI over time.

The Bottomline’s Recordkeeper likewise gives investors a data sheet for them to monitor their stock investments and to see their portfolio’s performance. By just inputting the needed data in blue, the file generates reports for the investor. This is essential as we see people just buying and selling stocks without really knowing how much they made, are making or lost.

Since 2013, we’ve garnered what people want for a stocks research service. What made us not heed this call earlier was that most of the people inquired already get research from their respective stockbrokers anyway. Why do they still want more? Instead of finding out why, we just decided to find out what they want, and it’s the bottom-line. That’s why we named the service the Bottomline.

To sum it up, they just want to know how to make money and also preserve it during bearish times. The news, general info, opinions and others are already all over our PCs and phone. Data is accessible especially in this age. The people want Guidance and Service. That’s what we’ve already been doing for our clients by doing nitty-gritty research. We can deliver the same to everyone else.

Another prickly concern is that they just have a low budget for the quality service that they want. To address this simply and quickly, we just went down directly to that budget. We do want this service available to everyone. We do want everyone to achieve financial security. We think that money is just a tool and only secondary to life. So we want to assist everyone in achieving this goal.

So the Bottomline and the Recordkeeper by Corpecon Research are born. It’s Not info that’s already out there, complex metrics and an exclusive club. The Bottomline is Guidance, Service and more importantly, a Journey. So who wants to join us in this journey? Who wants proven research? Who wants to get guidance in investing in the Philippine stock market? We answered the call, and it’s up to you to get the Bottomline.

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