Corpecon Research Stocks App

September 5, 2019

The Planned and Proposed Corpecon Research Philippine Stocks Investment App

Due to inquiries, we would like to present how our app will function and service investors to achieve favorable gains in the Philippine Stock Market. First, let us clear the misconceptions about the app.

Let us first enumerate what the app is not about, and clear the room for investors who would like to commit to a service that will generate strong returns for their hard-earned money in the long run.

What the App is Not About

  1. This is Not a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme or Method. This is about Value-Investing.
  2. This is Not a Stocks Trading App. This is about Fundamental Analysis.
  3. The App Does not Generate Immediate Gains. This is an Investment Marathon.
  4. The App Does Not Recommend “Popular”, “Well-Loved” and “Favorite” Stocks. There is Zero and No Emotion Involved in Selecting Stock Picks. Stocks go through a stringent selection process, and the Best become Stock Picks.
  5. The App Does Not Guarantee Exact Returns at an Exact Time. We are Not Omnipotent. We use Estimates Made in our Best Effort.
  6. The Service is Not 100% Robo-Advising. Quality-Check (QC) is still made by Corpecon Research Analysts. Thus, it is a mix of around 50:50 Robo-Advising and Human Analysis.
  7. This is Not a Free Service. The amount and hours of work behind fundamental analysis and app maintenance are huge and needs to be sustained to Provide You Quality Service.
  8. We Do Not Get Your Cash, Funds or Money. This is a Stocks Advisory Service. You use your money to buy yourself your stocks. We can recommend prominent Philippine stock brokerage firms to you if you don’t have an account yet to buy and sell stocks.

Now the room is cleared for investors, let us discuss what the app is about.

What the App is About

  1. The Investment Methodology used is Value-Investing. This is a proven method since the 1930s.
  2. The app is about Minimizing Risks and Maximizing Rewards. It’s not just about Stock-Picking but avoiding Turbulence and taking advantage of Opportunity in whatever Financial Environment.
  3. The Tools used are Financial Models managed by Corpecon Research. They are used in generating Stock Picks and Identifying Market Peaks and Bottoms. Listed Companies’ actual financials are fed into the financial models to Gauge Performance, Generate Forecasts and Valuations and Rank the Stocks.
  4. Stocks go through a Stringent Selection Process Designed to Screen-Out the Best Stock Investments. This is the Top Gun School for Philippine Stocks.
  5. The Main Tiers of the Selection Process are Set Criteria for Profitability, Financial Condition, Free Cash-flow, Cash Dividend Generation and Discounts to the Stock Market.
  6. The Stock Picks are usually made up of Overlooked Stocks. Thus, investors usually Start in the Red because of this until these stocks are discovered by the market and bought up. This is best described by one of our clients and goes more or less like this. “Stocks recommended by Corpecon Research start out flat, mainly depressed and down for a long time and then spikes up, rises and shoots up at the time when you are least aware of your stocks portfolio.”
  7. The App is about Taking Care of Your Hard-Earned Cash while you go about your work and business. It takes care of all the Knitty-Gritty Tasks of Finding the Right Blend of Stock Picks.
  8. You Basically Hire Your Own Stocks Analyst with this service. You hire house-keepers, baby-sitters, gardeners, plumbers, electricians, mechanics, barbers, beauticians, masseuses and others for your basic needs for X amount of cash. Why not pay Just PHP500 (around USD10) per month for Your Own Stocks Analyst to Generate you Returns for your Savings? This is just equivalent to a price of two big burger meals that give you temporary satisfaction. This Service Provides You Long Term Financial Security.
  9. The App Encapsulates What We are Doing in Corpecon Research. That is to Seek Value and Minimize Risks in the Philippine Stock Market.

How the App Functions

  1. The Investor Reviews the Terms of the Service and Agreement and clicks I Agree. It is mainly what the app is not and what it is about.
  2. The Investor Subscribes to the Service for PHP500 (around USD10) per month. This, we think, is a Steal for You. The other options is hiring your own stocks analyst, getting in touch with your stock brokerage’s stocks analysts and others. Huge Discounts are also given to those who pay in an annual basis.
  3. The Investor selects the Investment Preference. The choices are High Share Price Appreciation Potential, High Cash Dividend Yield and Mixed Returns and Dividend.
  4. You Proceed with your Investment. This is a Long Term Commitment of Periodically Buying Stocks and Taking Profits in Different Financial Environments. The Ultimate Goal is Generating Gains.
  5. Investors are provided with the Stock Picks at that Point-In-Time. This may be prolonged or be changed depending on their share price movements, financial performance and the financial environment.
  6. Investors are regularly advised to Buy Stocks, Store Cash, Re-invest or Take Profits. This should be followed to attain the Goal.
  7. Investors are provided with their Stocks Portfolio Performance. It may be in the red or in the black. They may have generated actual or paper gains or actual or paper losses. These are all temporary. Whatever how it looks like, investors should continue following the advisories. The Real Effects are seen in the Long Term.

In closing, we would like to refer you to the Performance of Stock Portfolios we recommended to our clients in the past against the PSEi and the ASI. You can click Quarterly Philippine Stock Market Report under Browse Research at the right side of the website. This is under Follow Corpecon Research, @CORPECON in Twitter and in Facebook at the right.

Please vote in Twitter or in Facebook so we may assess if we will pursue this project or not or just use it for ourselves. Thank you very much.