February 26, 2019

Corpecon Research 10

It has been ten years since we embarked on our mission of finding value and minimizing risks in the Philippine stock market.  On our tenth year, we can look back at our accomplishments as a stocks research firm and as a business.

The Stocks Research Firm

As a stocks research firm, we managed to stay this long because of consistency and innovation.  We’ve been consistent in delivering our services never missing a Daily and a Weekly Report.  We’ve been consistent in providing guidance to our clients on market conditions and stock recommendations.

What is more important is continuous innovation.  In UFC, the cardinal rule of fighters is “move or die”.  It’s the same in business.  In our ten years we made our stock market direction tools, improved them and our reports as well.  Every year there is an evolution, simplification and honing of techniques.

We can say that our accomplishments outweigh our shortcomings as a stocks research firm.  We are confined to value-investing and do not recommend stocks beyond what their fundamentals can offer and generate.  There are stocks we did not recommend that surged on reasons other than fundamentals.

However, we recommended stock portfolios created during seasons of fear and recommended taking profits during seasons of greed.  We also now see the power of cash dividends and have applied them in our creation of stock portfolios with superior medium to long term share price appreciation.

The Business

As a business, we managed to stay long because we had a realistic approach in Day One that it will be difficult for a stocks research firm to thrive in the Philippine stock market.  That sounds ironic because the Philippine stock market is generally a market of trading and speculation.

That is why 99% of Filipinos unfortunately avoid it, and we wrote about that.  Many stock brokerage firms also see research as an expense they can do without, and the Philippine stock market lacks market breadth and liquidity with foreign funds confined to only buying the blue chips of the market.

Our operations are small, simple and efficient.  We were even surprised to reach four and almost five clients in our fifth to sixth year of operations.  However, this was not sustained and even with aggressive marketing, we were back to servicing just one client.

We would not say that our business is a failure because we do still serve one client, and due to demand, we spawned the fund management service with three HNI clients.  We also manage and grow our own capital based on our stocks research based on value-investing, and this has empowered us greatly.

We do not blame Corpecon Research for having a limited capability in this market though it could have become more in a developed market like the US, but we are based here.  What Corpecon Research gave us is a wider view of investing.  It has become one of other enterprises we are enthusiastically building.

To last this long and still be excited of the future is because of passion and the innovating spirit.  We still learn and are eager to generate gains for ourselves and our clients.  In its adaptive form, the stocks research firm and the business work and are solid.  They will be around as long as value exists.


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