Philippine and Global Economics Research

April 17, 2017

Philippine & Global Economics Research Report

Our Economic Research Report this Week Features First Quarter Economic Indicators and Growth Forecasts of the Philippines, China, Japan, US and Europe. This includes PMI, Retail Sales, Exports, Inflation and Industrial Production.

Philippine Foreign Direct Investments is likewise discussed.  FDI went to GS rather than stocks in January 2017.  It registered weakness during the month.

Also included in the Report are China’s March Inflation Rate and Foreign Trade, Japan’s Retail Sales and Industrial Production, US Inflation and Retail Sales and Euro-zone Industrial Production.

  • China has Deflation in the food sector.  Imports likewise outpaced exports.
  • Japan’s Retail Sales remains unchanged but Industrial Production picked up in February 2017.
  • US Retail Sales improved in March 2017 due to auto sales.  Inflation slowed down on weak energy and food prices.
  • The Euro Area’s Industrial Production improved in February 2017.