Philippine and Global Economics Research

April 4, 2017

Philippine & Global Economics Research Report

Our Economic Research Report this Week Features Brexit Begins.  Major market and economic volatilities are expected from the EURO and Pound, Economic Growth, Unemployment and Interest Rates.

Philippine 1Q17 Inflation is likewise discussed.  Factors affecting inflation comes from a noted increase in electricity charges particularly in the Metro Manila Area, a weaker peso and higher fuel prices relative to the same period the previous year.

Also included in the Report are China’s Business Activity, Japan’s Inflation and Unemployment Rates, US Economic Performance and Euro-zone March Inflation Rate.

  • Philippine March inflation is affected by the weaker peso, stronger fuel prices and higher electrical charges
  • China’s PMI rose to its highest in nearly five years
  • Japan’s February inflation rate is affected by the slowdown in food inflation offsetting the gains from rising fuel prices.
  • US 2016 economic growth performance is at 1.6% from 2.6% the year before.
  • The Euro Area posted a 1.5% inflation rate in March as a result of weaker food inflation and a weaker rise in energy prices.