Philippine and Global Economics Research

March 20, 2017

Philippine & Global Economics Report

Our Economic Research Report this week features the EU in the Philippine Economy.  How connected are we with the EU as it threatens us with economic sanctions with the jailing of Senator Leila de Lima?  There are also risks and uncertainties in the EU which may affect our economy.

Philippine Foreign Unemployment Rate is likewise discussed as it jumped by 6.6% in 1Q17.  Foreign portfolio investments also had a net outflow in February from a net inflow in January.

Also included in the Report are China and Japan’s Retail Sales and Industrial Production, US Inflation and the Federal Rate Hike and the Euro-zone’s February Inflation.

  • China’s retail sales decelerated in February.
  • Japan’s retail sales and industrial production picked up in February.
  • US inflation is the highest in five years.
  • Euro Area inflation is the highest in four years.