Philippine and Global Economics Research

March 13, 2017

Philippine & Global Economics Report

Our Economic Research Report this week features the Latest Drop in Crude Oil Prices.  After rising to the USD50 per barrel level, crude oil prices are now back to the high 40s on news of growing US shale output.  Will OPEC institute further production cuts?  What is the outlook on crude oil prices?

Philippine Foreign Direct Investments is likewise discussed.   It surged in 2016 and in the month of December 2016.

Also included in the Report are China’s February Inflation Rate, Japan’s “Improving” Economy, US Unemployment and Foreign Trade and the Euro-zone’s 4Q16 Economic Performance.

  • China’s inflation rate dropped to 0.8% in February.
  • Japan’s leading economic indices are pointing to an improvement in the economy.
  • US Unemployment for the month of February is at 4.7%.
  • The Euro Area economy advanced by 1.7% in 2016.