Philippine & Global Economics Research

January 3, 2017

Philippine & Global Economics Report

Our Economic Research Report this week is our 2016 Year-ender and 2017 Outlook Report. It features of course, the Philippines and the East as represented by China and Japan and the West as represented by the Euro-zone and the US.  The Economic Performance of the countries are presented along with their Shakers, Drivers and Forecasts for 2017.


The Philippine economy is seen to taper but is seen to remain robust.  Trump’s protectionist policy, inflation and the peso may weigh down the Philippines in 2017.

China’s economy is slow and steady in 2016.  Stronger ties with European and Asian neighbors and weaker US ties highlight 2017.

PM Abe’s recently released fiscal stimulus will be tested in 2017 as monetary policy failed to boost economic growth in 2016.  A moderate acceleration in economic growth is anticipated but several offsetting factors may place it at the lower limit of the forecast.

The Euro Area is seen stagnating in 2016 and the same trend will be carried over in 2017.  The globe will closely watch the area as a change in leadership in its major economies defines its trajectory.

The Trump economic policies will define US economic growth.  Inflation will accelerate, the dollar will sustain its strength but more importantly, the US is seeing a period of uncertainty in 2017.