Corporate News & Analysis to be Eventually Housed in Clients’ Websites

Our Daily Corporate News & Analysis will soon be exclusively housed in our clients’ websites.

Corpecon Research offers both Stocks and Economic Research Services to stock brokerage houses, financial institutions and others without and with minimal research capabilities.  This is to empower them with the proven methodology of Value-Investing and effective research to expand their client base with institutional clients.

Our Daily Corporate News & Analysis are unique from most stock brokerage firms that only present the news.  More importantly, Corpecon Research gives analysis and recommendations of the news and developments of listed companies.  This is in line with our Mission of Seeking Value and Minimizing Risks in the Philippine Stock Market.

Corpecon Research is an independent stocks research firm catering to a selected number of stock brokerage firm and other institutional clients.  It also provides fund management services based on its research to retail clients.