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It’s a Wonderful Life

December 29, 2015

I got to watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” again during a short break this holiday season.  It’s not just one of the greatest Christmas movies of all time but one of the best business movies as well.

George Bailey’s small Savings and Loans provides loans to the working men and women of the small town of Bedford Falls.  He operates amidst the bigger Mr. Potter who hopes to acquire or beat Savings and Loans so that he can control the town’s cash-flow.  The existence of George’s business provides a better alternative to the people.  Mr. Potter only sees the people as cattle, cattle that pay him interest, while George enriches and uplifts people’s lives.

Tired from work and dreading tomorrow’s long drive to the province on Christmas day, I was just planning to watch the first part of the movie before going to bed but ended up finishing it.  I saw its importance and related to it than the first time I saw it when I was younger.  Unlike George, I was able to go on my adventures outside my hometown when I was younger.  But like George, I have to run my business 24/7 and make sacrifices along the way.

Yes, we do get to the dark side once in a while when times are bleak and human error throws us off balance.  The dark times stem from self-doubt, and yes from the thought of if we are really needed in this world to do this stuff we do.  George had insecurities that everyone except him was going off somewhere better and that he is left behind.  I don’t have those insecurities and don’t mind driving this, wearing that or eating here.  My insecurity is losing my handful of clients like a puff of smoke and losing my business.  Value-investing is not as sexy as trading and technical analysis, and there are analysts that go with what’s popular in the times.

Hopefully, I won’t need to jump off a bridge in desperation and have Clarence show that what Corpecon Research is doing is important.  We have to see this every day when we write a report, make a presentation and take care of our clients’ stock portfolios.  It is there when we see that lightbulb on their heads shine when they listen to our ideas.  It is there when we see them smile when their businesses and funds grow.  It’s not just about value-investing but empowering others.

Have a Wonderful Life Everyone.


Photo from National Telefilm AssociatesScreenshot of the movie.  Created January 1, 1946 and is a public domain



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