CFA Investment Research Challenge 2011-2012

Thank You Team UST 2011-2012 and Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year

December 26, 2011

Corpecon Research is proud to have mentored Team UST for the CFA Investment Research Challenge 2011-2012.  The rules were changed this year.  Only the top 3 teams on the investment research report were allowed to make a presentation to an audience.  Early this year, the top 5 were given an opportunity to present, and team UST 2010-2011 came in Third Place Overall.  Despite missing the second round of the competition, it was an honor teaching a talented group of students the long and proven method of value-investing.  We shall always remember you guys.  We’re proud of you.

UST College of Commerce Batch 2012

Abbygale Estrella

Alvin Tan

Charldon Tan

Madeleine Fernandez

Maica De Ocampo


The best Xmas gift is not a tangible gift from a mall but passing your knowledge to a new generation of financial analysts