Philippine Stock Market Trading Advisory

Philippine Stock Market Trading Advisory as of April 5, 2010

The market is on the high-side as of this date.  Of our stocks coverage, there are only eight issues that are still trading at a discount to the market.  Based on the average one-year yields of major bond funds in the Philippines, the computed PER limit as of this time is 13.3x.  Meanwhile, our fixed PBV limit is 1.5x.  We recommend the undervalued stocks below for a Long Term Buy and Hold.  They are trading below our Blended Multiplier limit of 19.9x and have high margins of safety against sudden negative economic developments.

RCB, UBP, SECB, CHIB and MBT are five of the biggest banks in the Philippines.  SECB has the strongest financial condition among the five.  ATS is a transport company growing the logistics side of the business.  VLL is a low-cost housing developer with a niche on the OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers) market.  Lastly, AC is the oldest and biggest conglomerate in the Philippines with interests in property, telecoms, banking and electronics.  More than half of its net income stream are from less-cyclical businesses.


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