Philippine Stock Market Commentary

Philippine Stock Market Commentary as of Februaury 25, 2010

Thinning volumes, an increase in net foreign selling and indicators reaching above mid-levels made us lock on gains at this point in time.  For those who have been with us since our January 28, 2010 BUY call, TAKE PROFITS.  The Phisix may still have some upside tomorrow as the DJIA looks like it still has momentum to increase as well giving us further room to take profits momentarily.

It has been one month since our BUY call, and we have seen the Pymwymi Fund’s resiliency when the Phisix went down below 2,900.  We end up with a low upside against the Phisix today at positive 0.4% variance, but we have seen the Pymwymi Fund outperform the Phisix in the one month we have held on to our stock picks.  For those who have just entered the market just below or at 3,000, gains in the medium term is very possible.  We shall search for our next Buying Window in the coming trading days.

Net Foreign Selling:

PHP228 mn as of Februaury 25, 2010

Pymwymi Fund Performance

The Pymwymi Fund has made PHP27,975 from an investment of PHP1 mn in one month’s time.  It is up 2.8%, while the Phisix is up 2.4% from our BUY call last January 28, 2010.  We shall reinvest the total Pymwymi Fund of PHP1,027,975 in our next Buying Opportunity.